Thursday, July 9, 2009

EyeWonder says:

Publishers are looking to create premium placements to sell to advertisers while also keeping ad clutter off their home pages

Translation: Advertisers are desperately looking for more and more annoying techniques to highjack your attention. Contrast this with The DECK advertising network (as seen here, here, and many other places).

I don't have any data on what methods generate more attention, or in the final analysis, more money. But I can tell you which method pissed me off, and which one encourages my interest. There is definitely something to be said for proven results, but I would be very afraid of any advertising strategy that was based on annoying my customers.

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A voice in the wilderness said...

Email ads get junked just like the print ads I get in snail mail. I ignore the ads on a web page just as easily as the ones on TV on in a hard copy magazine.

Most of the interruptive ads just irritate me, and I’m much more likely NOT to by from the people who irritate me!